Montgomery Place

406 N Montgomery Ave. Sheffield, AL 35660


Lease of Premises

The undersigned, as Lessee, does hereby contract to lease Montgomery Place, at the above address, from L & K Properties, LLC for the following function: shawn's 50th birthday party on August 3, 2024.

Lessee Name: melissa bales | Phone: 256-648-7961 | Email:

Lessee may access the premises starting at 3 pm and end at 9 pm - (including setup/and clean up time.) Clean up must be completed by 9 pm at which time the venue will be locked. Total number of expected guests is 50.

The cost of services will be as follows:

Rental Amount: $450


Deposit: $100, due at time of signing this agreement.

Remaining Balance: $350, due 14 days before event date. (July 20, 2024)

Deposit is non-refundable. No refunds are given if canceled within 60 days of the event.

Rooms Rented: 2 Smaller Rooms

Services and equipment included with your rental:

  • Set up and clean up
  • Tables, chairs & tablecloths
  • Courtyard
  • Full-service kitchen and ice machines
  • Free Wi-fi

Your responsibility:

  • Take out all garbage to the dumpster out back in the alley
  • Take down all decorations you brought in
  • Return MP items, if used, back to room where you got them

The undersigned assumes full liability and agrees to reimburse Montgomery Place for replacement costs of any loss or damage to property sustained as a result of this function/event held at Montgomery Place. Montgomery Place will provide an itemized list of repairs to Lessee.

The undersigned shall defend, indemnify, and hold Montgomery Place and its principals, harmless from any and all liability, loss and/or damages, including reasonable attorney fees incurred in defending such actions, for anything and everything whatsoever arising from or out of the use or occupancy of these premises by or under the authority of the undersigned, the undersigned’s agents or servants, and from any liability, loss or damage arising from any act or omission, fault or negligence by the undersigned, his/her agents, employees, or invitees, or any failure on the undersigned’s part to comply with any of the covenants, terms and conditions contained in this Lease, including but not limited to any claim arising out of the serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages in connection with this event.

The undersigned and his/her invitees shall promptly observe and comply with all laws, orders, regulations, rules, ordinances, and requirements of the Federal, State and Local governments.

In the event it becomes necessary for Montgomery Place to hire legal counsel to enforce any of the terms, conditions, or obligations under this lease, the undersigned agrees to pay all reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred by Montgomery Place.

Please sign using a stylus, your mouse, or your finger below to authorize this contract. By electronically signing this document, you agree to the terms established above. After the document is signed, you can proceed to print it.

Client Information
Signed on Tue Jul 02 2024 15:27:59 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
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